Can't use links in sig anymore?

Every time I try to put links into my sig, the links disappear.

Until today, I was able to put links into my sig - and it looks like others are still able to do so.

Anyone have any idea what's going on?

It happened before, I recently managed to change my sig, however the website name & link reverts back to its previous setting also.

I'm referring to the signature, not the website/link.

Like, those three lines in my sig used to be links, and how you've got the EEPROM library linked from your sig. I can't seem to make that happen anymore.

Links and all html tags in signature has been disabled due to someone abusing about big chars, colors and unsecure js.

this has been done accordingly with moderators.

the other issue about reverted info in the user profile is under investigation and is a separate issue.

That's very unfortunate :-( Are there plans to re-enable this after the exploit that whoever was using is fixed? Being able to put links in our signatures is very useful for those of us who make cores or libraries which might be useful to the rest of the community... I think it's a lot less likely that people will see or use my cores now that I've had to work around this as I have (see sig now)

Also - other people seem to still have links in their sigs...

Solution, if one has > 1000 posts let them have urls in sig?

DrAzzy: I'm referring to the signature, not the website/link.


I gathered that from your first post.