Can't use mfrc522 library

Hello everyone, I recently got a nfrc522 RFID reader/writer. I looked around for a library to use and found the 'rfid-master' library. while uploading the code, I got an error that states that the mfrc522 library is not installed. I looked up how to install it again and found out that you just have to look it up in the library manager in the Arduino IDE. the problem is that my Arduino IDE doesn't have that option, even if launched with root. (I'm using ubuntu Linux on my laptop). Is there a way to make the library manager show up? or if not then how can I just install the mfrc522 library? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Download and install Arduino IDE 1.8.2 from If you use apt-get or whatever you get some old non-standard garbage version of the Arduino IDE.