cant use samd11 32bit arm coretex m0

hello i recently bought an arduino samd11 32bit board but when i download the board i cant choose it
is it becuse i have an windows 64bit processor if thats the case is it any way around.?

@moushi89's 555.png :

Those items are not intended to be selectable. They are just the headings for the different sections of the Tools > Board menu.

Do you really have a SAMD11 board? If so, you need to install this 3rd party package:

If it's actually the SAMD21, then you might be able to use one of the boards of the Arduino SAMD Boards package.

So anyway, all I can tell you now is that the menu section headings you circled in your screenshot being grayed out is completely normal and expected. Beyond that, if you need additional assistance to use your Arduino board, please provide more information and we'll help you out.

is it becuse i have an windows 64bit processor

No. There is no limitation of microcontroller bus width associated with the computer or operating system bus width.