Can't use TimerOne library

Hi Folks, I am using Arduino on a mac and have not been able to use the TimerOne.h header file after downloading the library file. I am very new and have only done Blink and a traffic light project. First attempt at using a downloaded library. I am attempting to complete project 19 in the book "Beginning Arduino" by M. McRoberts. This uses an 8x8 Dot Matrix display and all the wiring has been verified. PROBLEM: Getting "Timer1 was not declared in this scope". I have tried creating arduino/hardware/libraries/ and placing the TimerOne library in there and also arduino/TimerOne. AND: There is no directory struture created when installing Arduino IDE. What is the correct directory(folder) structure? Thanks,


there's a lot of libraries like Ethernet, Stepper, Wire in /Applications/ here. Mind you, i'm not developing on MacOS, only had trouble installing on Linux so tried my macbook to see whether the board works at all ;) ...

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I don't have any directory structure at all. Just the arduino executable in Applications. Tried moving that to Documents and creating a psuedo structure: Arduino/hardware/libraries/TimerOne.


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weeell, i'm sure it's somewhere... You said you worked on Blink and Trafficlight, so the ide was able to compile stuff, using "the libraries".

Are you sure you read ? Says you're actually not meant to be pushing around files in diy drectories ;)

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Thanks for the info. I read that but it also says if you don't have a directory called libraries then make one. BTW, on your linux install did arduino create the directories?

You're not alone on the TimerOne problem because I had the same error. I'm using Linux.

Thanks for your reply; I'm thinking linux is somewhat similar to macosx. I have some experience with unix file and directory structures. Did the arduino install create your directories or did you create them yourself and if so where did you get the info. I have no directory structure. I have tried creating a libraries sub-directory under Arduino with no success in finding the timerone library.

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sorry to be getting back to you only now. Soo, the install did not create a directory structure in my home directory (that is /Users/myself/Documents/Sketchbook for example). Can't remember if the Linux install did though.

I tried do verify your troubles and did the following: - download timerone library - created /Users/myself/Documents/Sketchbook and /Users/myself/Documents/Sketchbook/libraries - put the folder TimerOne into /Users/myself/Documents/Sketchbook/libraries - started the ide and found the library at Sketch/Import Library

Haven't tried using it though ;)... Hope this works for you, too.

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Sorry to it took me so long to get back to you, mattiwbln. Thanks very pointing me in the right direction to get the TimerOne library into the IDE. You mentioned that the libraries are kept in the /Applications/ directory. I copied the TimerOne library into that directory and it works!

Thanks again for your help. XD