Cantarino doesn't work with Mega 2560 R3?

Hi all, I downloaded Cantarino from here: and it works perfectly when using a Chinese UNO clone, but does not work on a genuine Mega 2560 R3 board. Is it something about the different interrupts, or something like that? I see in the code #if defined statements for (AVR_ATmega8), and (AVR_ATmega1280), but nothing about the ATmega2560. Is this where the problem lies?

Has anyone gotten Cantarino to work on a Mega 2560? Thanks,

(AVR_ATmega1280) ||(AVR_ATmega2560) solved the problem.

To all who replied with assistance, thanks for nothen.

Perhaps if you had posted this in the correct forum, since it's a programming question, NOT an installation question, you might have gotten the attention of the programming experts here.

With the attitude you just displayed here, I think that you should get used to solving ALL of your Arduino problems yourself. This community does not exist to solve your esoteric issues with third party software. This is a group of VOLUNTEERS that offer their assistance for FREE. If you get an answer, great - FREE tech support. If you don't get an answer - so what? It's FREE tech support.

I can only speak for myself, but I know that I will simply bypass your posts in the future, thanks to your "thanks for nothen" comment.

SInce the software worked perfectly fine when used with an UNO and a NANO, it appeared to me as a hardware issue, since the only difference was the hardware.

Don't be such a richard when replying to other people's posts.

Your juvenile "Don't be such a richard when replying to other people's posts" comment has insured that you will NEVER get an answer from ME on any subject. Good luck in getting future assistance from us VOLUNTEERS here on this board.

Not really interested in ANY reply from YOU, anyway, since so far, your replies have been useless prattle.