Can'ts make my OPEN-SMART 2.2inch TFT LCD w/touch screen Driver IC: RM68130 wrk!

Hi! I'm new to the TFT LCD screens and I'm having some truble making my OPEN-SMART work. We're working with an Arduino UNO and we already tried some examples we found but our screen doesn't show anything, the PINs are: GND, 3V3, CS, (X-)RS, (Y+)WR, RD, RST, LED, DB0-7 We connected them this way, following an example from a UTFT librarie:


GND -- GND 3V3 -- 3.3V CS -- A3 RS -- A2 WR -- A1 RD -- 3.3V RST -- A0 LED -- GND DB0 -- 8 DB1 -- 9 DB2 -- 10 DB3 -- 11 DB4 -- 4 DB5 -- 13 DB6 -- 6 DB7 -- 7

All the screen shows is white light and no more. Does anyone have an idea what can we do or have any example we can try? I'll appreciate your help!!

Go on. Post a link to the actual screen that you have bought.

As far as I know, the OPEN-SMART RM68130 board is 3.3V. Your Uno is 5V.

Buy a Uno clone with switchable 3.3V GPIO. Open Smart make them. Seeed Studio make them. It will be the best purchase you ever made.

Alternatively buy thirteen level shifters and a lot of extra wire to join them all up.