Capabilities of the USB Serial arduino


I’m interrested in starting to play with embedded programming and robotic. Ardunio devices looks pretty much interresting for that purpose. ^^

That’s my first post, it may not be in the right section, excuse me if so.

However, I do not really understand what are the capabilities of the USB serial board.
Can I make it act like a USB storage or USB mouse to a computer?
Because that’s the kind of things I’d like to do to start playing with embedded programming. ^^

Thank you for your futures replies.

The USB serial interface on most Arduino boards can only be used as a serial port, i.e. to communicate with terminals and applications specifically designed for it. On the UNO, however, the USB controller can be reflashed to work as a HID device, though that is an advanced effort and should probably not be done by beginners. The upcoming Leonardo board is native USB, so that would be usable for things like USB input devices. Using a microcontroller as storage device is a very bad idea, as there is hardly enough space for a single text file unless you add external memory.

Actually, I was talking about this device:
which seems to be easily plugable into a computer.
But since this is the same chip as arduino uno (the page say so), I think I could only use it as HID if I reflash the USB controller, right?

That means that we do not have a low level access to USB datagrams?

Well, the goal is not really to store data in the microcontroller, but more to have fun programming it. :slight_smile: