Capacitive graphite paper sensor stuff

Hi i'm new and I need a bit of help since ive only made around 3 arduino projects with my arduino uno I bought, pretty fun, anyways

I've already made a capacitive graphite + paper sensor, I want to know how I can use this sensor to like, lets say I press it and it types in the letter W on my computer, If someone can give me a mini tutorial or code to do this i'll be really thankful

By the way this is the code I used which was not made by me:

The simple solution is to use an application running on the PC to receive commands from the Arduino and generate the keyboard commands for you. If your computer is running Windows, you can use Gobetwino to do that. The complex solution is to make your Arduino emulate a keyboard, which is certainly possible but not a beginner's project.

Oh, Thanks for the reply I’ll check that out than, I figured itd be as easy as a normal button circuit with some code but I was wrong

Ok, so I looked around through gobetwino and all the stuff it can do seems pretty good honestly thanks for guiding me on that part, usually I don't like people to spoon feed me code but I think you should consider i'm a beginner and help me out this once on this question like how can I get the arduino to send gobetwino the data, or serial or what ever from a press of the capacitive sensor button.

I cant do this by my self but I some what understand how arduino code works because I have 3 years of experience on flash actionscript so it kind of comes to me when I see arduino code or what ever language it uses I think c. Anyways thanks and anyone that can provide tips or info is welcome.

my suggestion is to break it up into smaller parts…

1.) get the button stuff working solid.

2.) try outputting “W” in the serial monitor when button is pressed.

3.) then work in the ‘gobetwino’ (which I have never used myself)