Capacitive Library

I have the capacitive library installed. Does anyone know if the pins 4,2 are easily exchangeable for other pins? All the examples I can see have these two pins - could do with freeing up one for the LiquidCrystal library.

From the documentation:

CapacitiveSensor CapacitiveSensor(byte sendPin, byte receivePin)

So yeah, it's you choosing the pin. Just to keep the documentation easy they use the same pin through out.

Great, thanks for that. Much appreciated.

For the next time you're better of reading the documentation instead of asking it :wink:

I'll say yes, but it depends on the microcontroller. If you use an ESP8266 chip the pins do not all act the same and the board will reboot with some pins but not as easily with others. Granted, the ESP8266 runs into WDT issues with this library since it can block for a long time.