capacitive sensing with lilypad mp3

hi, i am trying to find out if it is possible to use capacitive sensing with the lilypad mp3 board. and if yes, is it just some of the pins that allow or all of the five inputs. i would need the five inputs - even several would be the best. anybody who have done it and / or has a few starting tips, i would be glad to hear. a board like the bare conductive touch board with lipo battery, sdcard and audio amp for sounds triggers would be perfect, but this first comes in september. so i am trying to find the best way to find an alternative...


I think I would give it a try with the MPR121 breakout board – and if anyone had already tried to hook it up to the Lilypad MP3, I would appreciate some advice. Where should I look for making changes in the trigger code..? Also I notice that D2 pin is not represented on the Lilypad MP3 – is it ok to use one of the other pins (D0 or D1) on the Lilypad?