Capacitive sensor problems

Hello, firstly I don’t know how to program and I don’t understand the programming language so help me.\


I want to build a osu controller using the cpacitive touch of an arduino
I used this as a guide Osu! touch keyboard using Arduino Uno - YouTube
I used the code but when I touch the foil there are no x or y key presses but it does read it in the serial monitor.

Thanks in advance

osu_controller.ino (798 Bytes)

Firstly, tell us what us what you do understand.

Im sorry but I don't understand this code im using because I just copied it from the video.
You can tell me instructions and explain what it does.

again thanks in advance

fyi Im not a ee student just doing electronics as a hobby for now

Just to go in order:
arduino include
Tomorrow the second line .... ;D