Capacitive sensors and sound


I am trying to create a installation which involves capacitive sensors. When the sensor is touched, it makes a sound. I've managed to create a sensor but am not sure on the best way to make my Arduino communicate with my computer, I was wondering if anybody could offer me some advice? I've been playing around with Max MSP but I'm not too sure what I'm doing.

I have an Arduino Uno

Thank you for any help!

Over the top... So, you could use Processing on a PC to take the input from the Arduino. Since Processing is very similar to how you code an Arduino, this is a natural path... but maybe not an easy path.

The easy path is to just send ASCII characters over the USB port for each of the capacitance switches you have... then, on the PC you need an application to take the incoming characters from the Virtual Com port and make a sound. This is therefore the next step:

You will need to decide on the PC language and tools based upon your level of comfort and knowledge. If you are just starting from scratch, it may be best to go the Processing route.


Brilliant, thank you so much for your help. I think I'll go down the processing route as I'm quite comfortable with code and like a bit of a challenge and experiment.

So if I use Processing to take the input from my Arduino device, can I then take it into MaxMSP (Or a different programme if you recommend?) and convert the input to sound?

Here is the Processing reference:

You can generate tones in processing:

This may be helpful:

I am unsure if Processing can spawn a separate Windows exec. You can always have Processing write a file and have the other program read it... Does inject some delay. It may be better to determine if MaxMSP can directly take input from a virtual Com port.