Capacitive Touch Lightsbulbs

Hey guys,

First off, I'm not very good at arduino - at least the hardware side of it, coding is fine since I can find what I need online and mash it together, but I have no idea what I'm doing with electronics.

Without going in to too much detail, our project is an interactive experience based on copper. Our final goal is to have a small room with copper pads, and using capsense, detect when someone is touching certain pads and turn certain lightbulbs on.

Our working prototype right now has copper pads hooked up to an arduino using the capsense library; it detects when you're touching two of the pads and will turn an LED on. What I'm looking to do is replace these small LED's with 12v bulbs, or at least something resembling a bulb. Is this possible? And how easy would it be? Would it be better to 3D print some kind of lightbulb shape (or take a bulb apart), and fill it with multiple LED's, or would a 12v bulb (been looking at car indicator bulbs) be easy enough that I could do it with the little experience I have? It's important for the overall aesthetic of the room to have lightbulb looking lights, if that makes sense. Having small LED's hanging down wouldn't fit the look we're going for.


Would something like this be OK?

Most LED bulbs usually have some sort of finned heat sink at the base.

There's also these pseudo filament bulbs

You could try a regular light and use a powerswitch tail.
Plug your light into one end and plug the other end into the wall socket.
An Arduino can turn it on and off.