Capacitive Touch, need send only 1 message on push/release

Hello everyone,
I'm Trying to setup 8 touch pins on the esp32 for a keypad I'm trying to build. The idea being when a button is pressed (touched) , A message to be sent out, and when released another message gets sent.

I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out how to accomplish this. with my current code, when a button is pressed, I get continuous messages for press/release until I let go.

here is my code as it is (I'm only focusing on the 1st touch pin at the moment):

This is un example howto use Touch Intrrerupts
The bigger the threshold, the more sensible is the touch

int threshold = 30;
bool touch1detected = false;
bool touch2detected = false;
bool touch3detected = false;
bool touch4detected = false;
bool touch5detected = false;
bool touch6detected = false;
bool touch7detected = false;
bool touch8detected = false;

bool TP1State = false;
bool TP1LastState =false;

void gotTouch1(){
 touch1detected = true;
void gotTouch2(){
 touch2detected = true;
void gotTouch3(){
 touch3detected = true;
void gotTouch4(){
 touch4detected = true;
void gotTouch5(){
 touch5detected = true;
void gotTouch6(){
 touch6detected = true;
void gotTouch7(){
 touch7detected = true;
void gotTouch8(){
 touch8detected = true;

void setup() {
  delay(1000); // give me time to bring up serial monitor
  Serial.println("ESP32 Touch Interrupt Test");
  touchAttachInterrupt(T0, gotTouch1, threshold);
  touchAttachInterrupt(T3, gotTouch2, threshold);
  touchAttachInterrupt(T4, gotTouch3, threshold);
  touchAttachInterrupt(T5, gotTouch4, threshold);
  touchAttachInterrupt(T6, gotTouch5, threshold);
  touchAttachInterrupt(T7, gotTouch6, threshold);
  touchAttachInterrupt(T8, gotTouch7, threshold);
  touchAttachInterrupt(T9, gotTouch8, threshold);

void loop(){

  /////////// need help with this section
  if(touch1detected) TP1State = true;
  else if(!touch1detected)TP1State = false;
  if(TP1State && !TP1LastState)Serial.println("Touch 1 Pressed"); //this message should only be sent once when pin is touched
  if(!TP1State && TP1LastState)Serial.println("Touch 1 Released"); // this message should only be sent once after touch is removed
  TP1LastState = TP1State;
    touch2detected = false;
    Serial.println("Touch 2 detected");
    touch3detected = false;
    Serial.println("Touch 3 detected");
    touch4detected = false;
    Serial.println("Touch 4 detected");
    touch5detected = false;
    Serial.println("Touch 5 detected");
    touch6detected = false;
    Serial.println("Touch 6 detected");
    touch7detected = false;
    Serial.println("Touch 7 detected");
    touch8detected = false;
    Serial.println("Touch 8 detected");

If you poll the touch pins using the touchRead() function instead of using an ISR you can determine that a sensor has become touched rather than being currently touched.

if i use touchRead() for some reason I only get values from one of the pins (T3), which is why I abandoned that and went for the interrupts, also seems much more reliable (no false positives) ,

Never mind, you are right, it was my code. got it all working now, thanks for nudging me in the right direction.

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