Capacitive touch sensor for breadboard

HI all,

I have been browsing this forum for some time now reading and learning. I would like to start a little project for my babygirls birthday. I would like to build a touchy/feely RGB led lamp with touchcontrol. Meaning if she touches the lamp shorter then a second the leds would fire in another pattern (change the function in arduino) and if she touches it for more then 2 seconds the whole lamp would start to fade down and up.

Trouble is, I can find the code, I can find the circuitry but I cannot find a decent touchcontroller. They are either so small I cannot solder them (I am a newby) or they have been taken out of production (like the QT113 and QT301)

Can anyone suggest a type that is available and can be hooekd up easily to a electrode wire (she needs to be able to tocuh almost any part of the lamp to change the leds fire-ing patterns)

Let me know if I have not been clear enough !

Many thansk in advance!