CapacitiveSensor error [Solved]

Trying CapacitiveSensor project 13 in the book.

Had to download the CapacitiveSensor script and included it. Wrote the code as stated in the book but it returs the error "sketch_apr03a.ino:13:31: error: invalid use of 'CapacitiveSensor::CapacitiveSensor'" on line:

 long sensorValue = capSensor.CapacitiveSensor(30);

What does it mean? I assume there is some difference from the version avaible when the book was published and the current version 04 avavible on:

How can i fix this?

Using Uno in the starter box.

IMO your code should refer to capSensor.capacitiveSensor(30) - proper capitalization!

Excellent answer! I would never have figured it out! Thanks!