CapacitiveTouch = Random Number Generator???

Hey guys,

I'm using a mega2560, attempting a capacitive touch project using multiple pins. I'm using the standard setup; pin 2 as a common send & pins 4-7 as receive, a mega ohm resistor and some soldered copper foil as a pad. There is nothing special about the code, in fact it's pretty much the example sketch. I am displaying the output through serial.

When left idle without touch the numbers will jump at random- I have tried adding a small capacitor to calm this but it did not help. Disconnecting the pad array yields the same effect. Sometimes the results will jump into the threshold range, which would cause the trigger to fire if I had it uncommented.

The very worse part of all of this is that if I touch one pad then both the touched pad & a different pad value will jump high- and this is random as well; a pad 3 pins away will jump as high or higher than the touched pad!

What am I missing?? You can consider my setup to be the exact same as

I am getting fed up with the randomness & considering using a MPR121- are they more reliable?

Could your keyboard be over a conductive surface? Maybe that is causing parasitic capacitance that is seen to be a human.

Are your 1 Meg resistors between the common SEND pin and the various Receive pins?

Could any of your connections be bad?