Capacitor dimension

Please beare with me understanding the basics of electronics. Adafruit recommends adding a capacitor to a circuit involving a led strip.

Before connecting NeoPixels to any large power source (DC “wall wart” or even a large battery), add a capacitor (1000 µF, 6.3V or higher) across the + and – terminals as shown above. The capacitor buffers sudden changes in the current drawn by the strip.

As far as I understood changes in the led color and brightness will result in sudden increase or decrease of the drawn current. In such a case the capacitor will supply parts of the required current which smooths the change for the power supply. --> the capacitor gets placed in the circuit to protect the pcu.

1000 µF define the capacity of the capacitor. Increasing this will not lead to any negative disadvantages.

The voltage describes the maximum voltage the capacitor is able to withstand. Since we are working in a 5 volt system it does no harm to use higher voltage capacitors.

Am I also safe to assume that a 1000 µF, 50V capacitor will do the job just fine, or will this destroy some devices? I also have a 1500µF @ 35 V at hand.

Both will work well. Those caps may be considered overkill - more expensive and physically larger than needed but cannot do harm.