Capacitor for Mega I&O expansion shield

I have a Mega I&O expansion board bought as a bare board from Ebay. It has a few components that need to be attached like a reset button, a 1K resistor, and a (?) electrolytic capacitor. It is a short round cylinder that has mount tabs that make it a SMT component. The label is 47 35VT. See picture.
Sorry to be so dense but I am unfamiliar with this labeling system and want to make this board work well.
Not sure if this is the right forum but I know there is a maven out there that can help.
Inquiries to the Chinese supplier pending but I am not holding my breath.

It's just an electrolytic 47uF/35volt smd capacitor.

But absolutely critical that it is connected the correct way around! :astonished:

Even the schematic has the cap missing;

Tom… :slight_smile:

Thanks Tom, I thought I had gone stupid, albeit a short trip. I looked and looked for the cap on the schematic, that is why I needed guidance.
I thought it was a plain 47 f elytic but with nothing on the schematic I was real lost. Looks like the guys that did the schematic were too. :frowning:
I don't have any SMT caps but I was going to make a vertically challenged version of a regular cap with shortened legs bent to 90 deg.
Thanks to the forum for your help.
Please all be safe!