Capacitor in supply or signal line?

Hi everybody

Looking for advice on placing the capacitor in schematic.

Not sure if i should put one in supply or should i put on the signal line.

Please refer to the attached schematic.

Thanks for any advice.

The capacitor in the supply should never hurt anything, and is probably a good idea. I can't tell whether the cap in the signal line is useful or harmful, without knowing more about what kind of signal it is. It is probably not a good idea.

OPs pic.

The supply capacitor yes,usually 0.1uF or 1uF capacitor to bypass any supply noise or any noise picked up on external leads.

If the signal is a DC voltage that changes value slowly, put a 0.1uF cap, again to minimize any noise pickup.

Its called bypassing.

Tom... :slight_smile:

Tom, ceramic caps or other?

Hi, Ceramics will do the job..

Tom... :)

Thanks a lot