capacitor labels

Hi there,

I got a "Arduino Base Workshop Kit" here which should contain 5 polyester capacitors of 100nF and 5 of 1nF. I identified the following parts to be the capacitors, but I'm not sure about the labels. If I read it right, ".1J63" means .1 microfarad=100 nanofarad. But isn't "10n J 100" a 10 nanofarad capacitor instead of 1nF? Could anyone approve or correct me?

Thanks, Kc

You're right, I think. On the left is a 0.1uF capacitor, or 100nF. On the right is 10nF, or 0.01uF.

"J" indicates the tolerance and "63" and "100" are voltage ratings.

thanks :) i already thought there was some sort of labeling that i didn't know of