Capacitor on NRF24L01

I've come cars that are powered by two batteries (18650 : 3.7v*2 = 7.4V). I use these batteries to power arduino, two DC motors, NRF24L01 module and RFID module.

The best results i get for my NRF24L01 is with configuration :

  • power NRF24L01 from arduino 3.3V outuput
  • put a 100uF / 16V capacitor directly on the NRF24L01.

With a 4.7uF/50V capacitor, as soon as the batteries was not completely full, the NRF24L01 didn't worked.

What do you think about that ?

What do you think about that ?

If you have a solution that works why are you asking a question about something that does not work?

I have used 10µF capacitors for my nRF24s.


Yes, you are true ! :slight_smile:

It was just to share a solution. I'm not an electronic expert...

I think that the capacitor depands of the power source no ?