Capacitor, resistor etc


As you can see from the pic above,I don't understand when I see the wire were connected with the capacitor and resistor.So,

1)Can I connect wires with the capacitor,resistor etc.If it is possible,how?

Thanks in advance!

I'm not sure what you are asking! Are you asking how to join a capacitor or resistor to a wire? If you are then you need to solder them directly to the wire, or use a breadboard.

I see,thank you very much😁

Stripboard or prototyping board can be used for bits of "glue" electronics like this.

Sorry about your problem, however this is a good example why we ask for schematics. You will have to find each part, look it up and determine what pins are what. If you get the wrong brand it may look the same but the pins may not be. That is why we ask for links to technical information on the hardware parts.

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