capacitors and led flicker

Hi again!

Right now I want to make my leds flicker a little bit before they're fully lit. Like you can imagine in old films about the past, when the lights turn on with a small buzz and escalation of current.

Is a capacitor the way to go? will it like choke the electricity for a second or so? Try to keep your answers as simple as possible, involving as few parts as possible. I am neither helped nor impressed by very complicated solutions.

Thanks for your help


a capacitor would actually have the opposite effect. if you were pulsing the led, it would hold it’s charge through the pulsing and smooth the change. think of a powersupply where an AC voltage is the source and a capacitor is used to filter it to a smooth steady DC voltage.

You could write code to blink the LED a certain rate before turning it fully on.

This thread should help you a great deal: