Hi, can the arduino carry a supply of 5 volts 2.6 ampere input? I already know 5 volts could be carry but does a 2.6 ampere could damage the arduino?

Im using arduino uno.

No it will just take the current it needs. Current is more "pulled" than "pushed" so to speak.

The amp rating on a power supply is a maximum value it can deliver, not a fixed value like the voltage. It can just be too low, never to high (to high may only make it unsafe to make mistakes, that is why you have to be careful when handling car batteries).

This is maybe the most basic thing in electronics there is. I suggest you put some effort in learning what voltage, current, power .... is, how they are related (Ohm's law) and how they behave in a circuit (Kirchhoff's laws), else you will not have too much fun with Arduino. All of these are described very well in Wikipedia.

ElCaron: that is why you have to be careful when handling car batteries).

And the mains ;)

Imagine if the national power supply of some gazillions of gigawatts came trundling through your walls when you turned on the lights.

Thanks. Big help . :)

kenwood120s: And the mains ;)

Well you have to be carefull with mains because of the voltage. It is high enough to send deathly currents (which are bugger all BTW, in the order of magnitude an Arduino will consume) through your body resistance.

A car battery cannot do that. You can safely touch the poles. HOWEVER, it is capable of sending very high currents through stuff with much lower resistance than the human body, and that stuff may quit that by violently exploding in a cloud of molten metal. To avoid that, there is e.g. the recommended order of attaching a jumper cable, which minimized the risk of short-cuts when a clamp is dropped.