Capture data from SAE J1850 PWM data stream


I want to use an Arduino to capture and display data from the class 2 GM data stream that uses the J1850 PWM standard. I do not want to use an adapter that plugs into the OBD2 port, I want to T into the single data wire.

Some details

  • These engines are not used in their original vehicle, complete custom install
  • OBD2 port is installed but it needs to be free for diagnostics.
  • I can deal with a small single chip solution and that would be preferred.
  • a nano or mega will probably be used as it will control other functions as well.


Thanks for telling. Just go ahead as I see no problems, nor questions.

Sorry, I should have asked the question, is there a single chip i can use, i know people have hacked up an ELM327 cable and that seems the way i will probably go.