Capture LCD video signal from other devices

Hello everybody, It is quite common, when data from Arduino is displayed on LCD, but the solution I'm searching for is to capture video signal sent to 12864 display. Main topic is to create remote display over internet and virtual display as a part of the web page. The virtual and remote display has to display real time image of the original display. Does someone have idea how to read video signal and decode which pixels of the monochrome display are active?

Thank you

Sorry I don’t think there is any way to do this.
You simply do not have access to the signals driving the actual LCD.
The best you could do is to try and intercept the signals being sent to the display’s driver and emulate what the display driver actually does.

you write 12864 display - that is not many informations you give us!!!

I would guess it's a 128x64 Graphic display you are talking about.

If it's a graphic display, start looking at the datasheet for the display controller. You should be able to make a program that piggybacks the display and renders the display output in memory, then it's just a job for you to find out how to send that data on the internet.

// Per.

Sorry, had to provide this info in the first post.
The actual display is marked TM12864G3CCWGWA on the cable and it has 128x64 pixels resolution.
It is a part of how they call it “display card” from Ariterm 901941, which connects to the Ariterm control board 901940.
Both of these parts control the pellet boiler Ariterm Biomatic+ 20. The burner is Ariterm BeQuem 20.
The “display card” Ariterm 901941 is suitable for boiler Ariterm Biomatic+ 20 in combination with Ariterm control board 901940 or directly for Ariterm BeQuem 20 pellet burner with Ariterm control board 901943 (in this case it is installed directly on the burner, and burner can be installed in different boilers).
Image of the “display card”:

Image of the control board:

They are connected with 10pin IDC cable.
To emulate the button press, I am using 4 channel 5V relay sending pulse signals to push button contacts.
My wish is to make virtual display and I’m still looking for the solution to capture graphical data.
So I see two ways:

  1. Capture video signal sent to display.
  2. Try to intercept the signals being sent to the display’s driver (capturing signals at 10pin cable end).
    It is also possible to connect Radiolink gsm-a2 module from Hellmertz (pdf attached), so there might be also different way to obtain data.

GSMA2_111124_GB.PDF (1.36 MB)

OK, now i'm in on what you want to do.

First there is no "Video" - It's a parallel graphical LCD display, it has no video connections.

If you could manage only with the funtions the GSM module can offer, all information you need to do that is in the manual for the GSM modem. There is no data connection from the Motherboard to the GSM modem, it's a dumb secondary system that just hooks ontop of relays and sensors, it has no communication with the main motherboard.

Thank you for the good pictures, but I would like to see the other side of the Display PCB - Is there any chips on the back side, and where is the connector for the Main board ? And how many connections in that connector ?

// Per.

Thank you, Zapro!
Well, it is difficult to make a photo of the back side without disassembling, camera doesn’t fit, so I had to use cell phone.
This time sorry for the quality, photos are attached.
There is nothing on the back side, just 10pin cable connector welded. Not sure if all of the wires are used, as probably they used just a standard connectors and cables.

The standard GSM modem they offer doesn’t seem interesting for me because of the reason you provided and no actual control.
What I want is full remote control.
I use ELDES ESIM 364 GSM security panel to receive alarms, as boiler has alarm relay which I use as separate zone.
I also follow temperatures with ELDES ESIM 364 GSM security panel as it allows to connect 8 DS18S20 temperature sensors, but not to log, just to receive alarm sms if temperature is out of range.
But I’m also now experimenting with arduino and DS18S20 temperature sensors, as another thing I want is arduino to send temperature values directly to MySQL server. I feel I will be able to do that with MySQL Connector/Arduino by Chuck Bell, but this code is only on developing stage now.
It is a good idea to hook temperatures also from the boiler.

What I did currently is controlling 4 buttons with 4 channel 5v relay connected to arduino and webcam focused on display. It works, but it is not quite a result I wanted to achieve.

AritermBiomatic+20_wiring_diagram.pdf (124 KB)

The easy solution would to just point a Webcam at it like you did, and use a Raspberry Pi as the server. Simple & cheap.

Anyway, you need to find out what the model of the LCD and what controller it uses. I would recommend getting a Logic analyser anyway, I have a Saleae Logic which is perfect for a job like that. With the data sheet for the LCD controller and a Logic alalyser hooked would give you the information you need to piggyback on the LCD signals and render them on a website.

// Per.

there is Single 8-Channel Analog Multiplexer/Demultiplexer CD4051BCM on the display PCB,
the display as I mentioned is TM12864G3CCWGWA FP-1 (couldn’t find with FP-1, but there are a lot info about TM12864G3CCWGWA-1), which is welded with ST7567 Sitronix LCD controller (according to display specification),
and on the main board there is PIC18F252-I/SP micro controller…
I will have to study how I can capture data without destroying this system, as LCD with ST7567 doesn’t seem to be disassembled without breaking it. It has joint housing.
And also to understand where it is better to capture, on 10pin side between display pcb and main board, or between display pcb and display with ST7567.

Thank you for your advices!

tm12864g3ccwgwa1.pdf (854 KB)

ST7567.pdf (1.21 MB)

yeah,difficult to make a photo of the back side without disassembling, camera doesn't fit, so I had to use cell phone.