capture samsung smart control IR code


i got a RMCTPH1AP1 samsung universal smart remote. i am only able to capture the on / off button IR code, the rest of the buttons its like they are not even there...

is it possible and how can i capture the other buttons?


i am looking to capture the: "p" up and down left right up down "guide" to controll and tv recivever box that is not ucrrently supported by samsungs universal remote.

Did you find the solution i have the same problem

It is unlikely that OP is active anymore...

However, if you can find IRremote library (originally devoloped by Ken Shirriff some 10 years ago) and have IR receiver component, you probably may scan all codes you need. I have used and still do that lib with SONY remotes, however there is probably dozen manufacturers supported. There is even a demo which shows all received codes in hexadecimal.

Perhaps there is more recent similar libs, however this one may still be useful.

A quick test for IR is to point it at your camera and it should white and/or blink when the button is pressed. This response is to help you get started in solving your problem, not solve it for you. Good Luck & Have Fun! Gil

I know this is an old post and both of you are most likely done with this, but since I found it searching for a solution I thought I would post an update. The remote includes a 2.4 GHz transmitter. It seems like it uses IR for the power button, but all other functions are over RF.