capture video over usb with Arduino?

Hi, I have an idea for an Arduino project and I wonder if it would be feasible.

I own a modified video camera that outputs uncompressed 8bit or 10bit video over a USB 2.0 bus. The original design of the system required the camera to be connected to a Mac computer running proprietary capture software to grab the image feed and save it to HDD. The company that modded the camera has been out of business for several years now, and the last version of the capture software that they released is buggy and underdeveloped. There is no support for the software in any form.

But I still like using this camera! After examining and reverse-engineering the camera mod's output files I believe that the capture software can be bypassed entirely, and that the data stream coming from the camera mod could be saved into a common format like .dpx without much, if any, processing.

So I had this idea: Could I build an Arduino project that would:

Connect to the modded camera via USB 2.0 as a host Capture the data stream and save .dpx files to an SD card Draw all it's needed power from the USB bus Allow the SD card to be disconnected for transfer to a computer HDD

I've found SD shields and USB 2.0 shields so it seems like it might be possible? Or would this type project be really advanced for a rank Arduino noob like myself?


Not a chance. Arduino’s have 2K to 4K of memory. Not enough for a single scan line of video.

Video applications have been done – google will find them for you – but the fanciest video handling anyone’s done in Arduino is something like 100 x 60 pixels B&W.

Also keep in mind that a USB shield provides the hardware. You get to write the software. You know how to write a video camera driver, right?

Try a ARM chip with USB high speed host, I would approach this task with something that can run Linux.