capturing data from arduino to vee pro

hi there.actually i wanted to make a monitoring system which can work on live data. i m planning to put arduino data to vee pro software.can anyone guide me in this perticular?

i wanted to make a monitoring system which can work on live data

What sort of live data?
What sort of sensor / data-rate…?

This is a bit of a thin description.

read my answer to your post in the other thraed you started

live data means the real time data that my arduino will observe.
assume if i have connected the memsic 2125 then that data should be logged in vee pro software
M i clear?
please tel me if u understand my question or not?

If i understand it right, you have some sensor(s) hooked up to Arduino, the sensors deliver some data to Arduino you want to analyse / show those data in vee Pro ? Right ?

Both Arduino and vee pro can use serial communications, so what you have to do is make Arduino send the sensor data over the serial connection to your PC running vee pro. In vee pro you have to use it’s ability to listen to the serial port (=RS232) and get the data.

Now i never worked with vee pro so unfortunately i can’t give you any more details.

yes you got it right.
thanx for your rply

Good, i hope you will have succes with your project.