Capturing events with a piezo sensor

I'm trying to capture quick events from a piezo sensor. Think of a midi drum trigger application for example where both the trigger time and hit velocity needs to be captured. The raw signal from the sensor can vary +/- 60V or more so it obviously needs to be conditioned for my 3.3V arduino system.

I currently have a setup something like this: A parallel resistor scales down some of the signal and a 3.3V zener cuts out the rest if needed. After this I have a precision rectifier circuit something like the improved circuit shown in this article:

On the rectifiers output I added a capacitor bit like in the peak detector circuit in the previous article. This is then fed to the analog input of my arduino.

It kind of works but my design is a bit flawed I guess as the capacitor in the rectifier output discharges rather quickly so I can't get reliable readings. I'll post a schematic of what I have later when I have access to it but for now I'd like to ask other suggestions for an application like this if you have any?

I'm happy to elaborate if this doesn't make any sense...

It would help if you posted both the circuit diagram and the code. What do you mean by "hit velocity"?

I'm planning to do the same with the Due (I just bought it few days ago) and I'm not sure why your design is so complicated. Are you using a regular piezo? Cause 60 volts output are very high. Tutorials on instructables are showing only 1m ohm in parallel to the piezo.