Capturing image through camera module and post it on FB?

I'm planning for a project that will take a picture through a camera when I press a button and then have it uploaded to Facebook. The camera just needs to take a jpeg image and then allow me to grab this image in my code so that I can upload it.

I have read from several posts that it wouldn't be easy for me to connect a web cam to Arduino. Many recommended that the OV7670 camera module is easier and better.

I'm fairly new to this and I have a few questions:

  • I'm not entirely sure about the process yet, but is interfacing OV7670 with Arduino really easier compared to a webcam?
  • How would I receive the data of the image in code? Do I receive it in some form of bitmap object that I can easily upload it in jpeg format to facebook? Is it even feasible?
  • I have an Arduino Uno. I intend to powered it with a 9v battery, and have the image sent to a computer wirelessly so that the computer can upload it to facebook. I doubt Arduino can do it on its own without a computer, can it?