capturing pictures and sending them to a website

i am designing a project were I will be capturing pictures with a 5MP camera module (Arducam Mini module Camera Shield w/ 5 MP OV5642 for Arduino UNO Mega2560 board) and sending them for storage on a website.

I'm not allowed to use a wifi module for this project.

I have to use a GMS module (simcard, 3G, GPRS, GPS). The simcard will be loaded with data bundles.

The selected GMS module should also support GPS because I have to design a speedometer as well.

I have an arduino UNO board

May you advice me on the hardware that I need, especially on the GMS module since it will be used for both internet and gps functions.

Also explain how whether I have to store each captured picture on my system first (eg SD card) before sending to the website.

Is it also possible to do all this in one project.