car + arduino

I found arduino while working on a project for my company. I just realized what gem this board is for rev heads like me. With a $40 board and easy programming language you can controll a lot of stuff on your car. Anywhere from closing your windows at over 150KM/h to having a kick ass NOS controller(rpm window selenoid controller etc). Also I think the PWM controller can controll injectors. While using it as a standalone ECU would not be easy it could easily be used as an alcohol injector controller. You could have some really smart controll of the injector(intake temp, rpm, knock sensor). Let your imagination run wild.

Thanks the possibilities are endless here.

It also provides the opportunity for a reasonably priced data acquisition system. I am learning a lot while exploring those possibilities. All of these examples for G-Meters and their ilk are really just the beginning. This has been an excellent resource for this gear head too. The only bad thing is that now i have another hobby!

Sincerely, Mark


Yes yes... the G-meters. Those things go for over $400. I really want one for my bike so I can flip dick. There is no new hobby here, just cheapper and better way to persue my hobby. Possibilities are endless.