Car Control

I am currently restoring a classic car. I have decided I want to modernize the car to include a control interface that has everything to control the car all in one place. So this would be a 10" dashboard..... on the dash. The UI will give me control of windows, locks, act as radio, backup camera and engine gauges and diagnostics. I think this is feasible but hung up on the engine gauges and diagnostics. The car does not have an OBD port since its so old. Wondering if anyone has made an OBD type system or would i have to make my own OBD system them connect a OBD device to interface to this dashboard I am creating?

There has been a massive amount of work done on cars. There has been less done with mind reading.

Rather than leaving us to guess, it will help if you fill us in. Which sensors you want to read from your arduino? What car do you have? Does your car already have electric windows and locks? Do you already have a radio that is controllable from an arduino?