Car Crash

Hey, I'm starting a new project to measure the G-force in a car crash but I'm a bit lost on what kind of accelerometer I should get because I'm worried the crash will exceed the accelerometer's range. Btw, it's a toy car I'll be smashing. Thank You

Exceeding the range of an accelerometer simply means that the reading won’t be accurate. It will max out at the maximum value for the accelerometer.

The acceleration that will occur is a function of several values, including the type of surface that the vehicle hits, the weight of the vehicle, the direction of impact, the speed of impact, the way that the car deforms, which is a function of it’s construction, and the way that the accelerometer is mounted.

Hmmm, seems like you might have left a few details out.

Oh, thanks for the reply. I'll probably go for a 1:21 scale or bigger. The speed of the car will probably 0.80 - 1 m/s. But do you reckon a 16G scale range will do?

Work it out for yourself - travelling at 1 metre per second, imagine it comes to rest in 1/10th of a second (100ms) = 10g.
How long does the car take to come to rest?