Car Diagnostics Project Feasibility


I'm designing a car right now (Open-wheeled performance), and I want to use an Arduino to view realtime car diagnostics including temperatures (oil,engine), speed and remaining fuel. I don't think setting up these inputs into Arduino would be difficult, but what I would really like is to have a touchscreen lcd to navigate between these different values. They don't have to look pretty, they can just be digits reading out. I was wondering if somebody could point me in the right direction in terms of choosing the correct LCD and board for the project, favorite temperature sensors, or whether the project is even feasible.

In terms of experience: I don't have any arduino experience. I do understand some programming and circuitry. I intend to get an arduino board shortly to start learning the language.

Thanks! Kyle

Quick Edit: I did some more browsing and found the LCD sub-forum. Looks like I can find some great interfacing information there.

Google mpgduino and you’ll find a lot. Many Arduino monitoring guys…