Car Door Lock Project

First thing first. I am a noob at electronics. That being said, I was thinking of building a circuit using an Arduino based MCU where I walk to my car and it detects my phone and all the doors unlock if I walk towards it. If I walk away from my car, it will lock. I know this would be dealing with Bluetooth and door lock actuators. The problem I am having is I want the Bluetooth to be a beacon so an app on my phone can estimate the distance of the car and be able to communicate to the beacon and send it commands. I know by default that beacons are non-connectable. So I am stuck on that project because I really don't understand Bluetooth at all. Do I have to have two BT modules on one circuit? I think that is overkill.

At any rate, I need guidance on how to pursue this project. Any thing would help me.

Thanks in advanced.