Car park system

Hello, Im looking for help to get a circuit going for this little project.

asked to design a car park smart system which should control the access barriers
to a car park which are powered using servo motors. The system must keep track of the
number of places still available within the carpark using a counter and this value should be
displayed on an LCD screen. When a car leaves the EXIT push button can be pressed to
simulate and the exit barrier should be opened. If a car is entering, an ENTRANCE push button
can update the count and open the entrance barrier via the servo motor. As a safety feature
for each barrier, a light sensor (LDR) will prevent the barrier from closing on a car which is still
under the barrier. If the light is broken (low signal level measured), the barrier should return
to 90deg and wait for a short period of time before attempting to close again.

Interesting project. I assume that the LDR will positioned so that it is under the car, probably directly under the barrier. I will be glad to help. Please reply to PM

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