car project need programmer for sketch

Hi guys,
l hoping someone can write me a program for a car project I'm doing. Wanting to run all my electrics through my Arduino. Like head lights so parkers and main beam, wiper speed high and low,heater fan high and low, all going though relays.

hope someone can help


If the car is not too old, then it may be possible to interface directly to vehicle electronics via the CAN Bus. This may help you to specify your requirements less generally.

No its a old girl 6v6gt

A couple questions:

  • What is the reason you need an arduino to replace a circuit if it is only to copy that circuit's behavior? OR you want arduino to do something more, and the question is what else arduino should do besides normal electric wiring does?
  • Do you already have a schematic on how arduino will be wired to everything else and need only program code to make it work?

No its a old girl 6v6gt

Are the head lights electric or carbide lamp technology ?

It's a old car but lm wanting to use small momentary push button switches in the dash.
I was going to use the small arduino relays and control 30amp 12v relays.

Those things already go through relays. You're not running anything 'through' your Arduino except the signal for the relays, except you'll need a whole new set of relays because auto motive relays are 12v.

What will your interface be to control these things? What's the point of the Arduino if you're just replacing buttons with different buttons?

Because you for example head lights, you press the button once the packers come on then if you press it again the main beam comes on and when pressed again they switch off. Same as the wiper press once low speed through a relay and press again high speed etc