Car Project

Hi people,

Sorry, I'm not a regular here atm, but looking for someone in the North East of England to help with a project - basically digital instrumentation of an old style Mini.

I've got ideas that I was looking at individual circuits for, but from reading about arduino could probably be handled better that way. I'm not totally ignorant (used to be ok with electronic circuits and spent time fitting custom Taxi meters built into rear-view mirrors into cars up to and including Mercs, and have years of experience with Mini's and their electrics) but to be honest can't even think of the learning curve involved. I've already worked out how I want to generate the information from the car (none of this car cpu or canbus malarky needed!) but processing and displaying it is where I need help - things like generating a speed pulse are completely sorted and some of my experience would be relevant to the theory side of it.

I can't directly offer cash for time spent on the project, but obviously would be paying for parts - and being part of a Mini club and going to events, once others see the finished product there may be an opportunity for some reward that way - a couple of the things I want to do might turn out to be popular ideas if they can be put into practice.

Thanks for any interest offered.


Sounds interesting. However, without a mini on my drive - it would be very tricky to debug stuff. I suspect most folks would have the same problem.

I have many projects in mind for the future, one of them is to but an R1 engine in a mini, rather than using the R1 dials like most I am thinking of using either something more stylish like dials from an alfa or use a stepper motor attached to the original mk1 70's dial to make that work.

It really should just be a matter of identifying the ECU output reading, converting and inputting to the chosen dash dial or readout.

I have this and a few other projects, it seems that notion of what is possible isnt the problem its learning how to do it or finding someone to do the programming for you which is! Doesnt help you but showing an interest. I'm based in Norfolk and would love to keep upto date with your project. If i find someone who can help me they could also help you. Always interested in a Mini project!

cheers charlie