Car Remote starter timer integration

The Project overview:

The goal is to have the car start at a predetermined time each day, with weekends needing a different time.

The car has an aftermarket remote starter installed that can be triggered by three pulses to ground.
-A relay can be used to interact with the 12volt car system by closing three times for a minimum of one second.

To have accurate timing, a Chronodot RTC has been added.

The First Phase:

Programming the relay sequence, by using the Arduino sleep code it works when triggered by a button pulled up to 5v.
Set millisecond delay for three delays to pulse pin D4. Then waits for next trigger.

Second Phase:

Replacing the button with code to read time from Chronodot RTC, then trigger relay sequence at different times each day.

This is where I some experienced time alarm advice:

The first attempt was to use the Chronodots internal alarm to trigger the sequence through the SQW pin. I couldn’t program the registries properly and realized I wanted more flexibility in programming start times depending on the day of the week.

The second attempt is using the ‘time alarm’ library to set more alarms.

Can you please help me figure out the best code sequence to make this happen?

Thank You for reading my post; I hope to integrate more of my car with Arduino.

I think I can’t help you too much, because I never used the Chronodot RTC, but you only have 2 alarms, so, you must set a new alarm each day (to the next day).
In this thread:

the user are trying to set an alarm in one RTC like yours, maybe you can find here some help.

I don’t get what is the idea of a car start work alone (I think, don’t) every day. What is this about?

Thanks for the link, but it sounds like a lot of the time alarm posts, not quite working right.

I am hoping someone who knows exactly how to set daily alarms can help me establish a base code that works.

So this will be used in the winter when it is -30 degrees Celsius, last winter my remotes range was insufficient from inside the facility I was working in. This is a cheap remote starter off eBay, $60 only has an effective range of about 15 Meters :disappointed_relieved:. Avital 9100 that has all the relays and interface with the vehicle to make that section work; the Arduino just needs to tell it to activate by switching a relay. Also in the morning it can start at 6:30am during the week so there is one less thing to remember to do in the morning.

Very nice idea!

About the other thread, yes, you are right, I don't know if it is working or not. The OP never give a feedback about the last version of the code. So, as I don't any of those RTC's I can't give any more help.

What were the problems that you find when you try this approach? What do you did, and what were the results?

Was there ever any progress made here? I too would like to attempt this remote start scheduler device.