Car that follows line to different spots and brings water

Hello everyone, my first post here.
So I'm looking to build a robot car that uses ir sensor to follow the black line on the floor to 3 tables in a room. It would have 5 spots total: 3 desks, 1 resting spot (where it would be charging up bateries) and 1 spot for taking water.

My idea is that it should stand on resting spot, then when some of those 3 desks call them(voice? but that is probably too hard so maybe just a button on the desk that sends signal to the car) it goes to them and then we put empty glass on it (it would have designed spot for it) and it goes to the water dispensary(it would be designed for that car so no worries about that) and it brings it back, after that it goes to the resting spot.

Thats how it should work. I've done few small projects in arduino few years ago so I'm a bit noob but I'm CS student so I can understand it. My question here is is this possible, if it is can someone guide me to some site or anything that will be useful in doing this, I've seen a lot of line following obstacle avoiding robots and I will probably use them but how would I make it remember these spots and go to them when called?

Well, the first thing is that "line following" robots can track a line, but handling branches is automatically a problem. And your arrangement of branches particularly with a "cross" junction is going to be a particular problem.

How did these "line following obstacle avoiding robots" manage to do both at once?

How long should it remember? You may want to consider using an SD card for the memory.
Do you know how many turns of the wheels your car makes? Do you have any method of measuring distance traveled?
If so, you can record the time in milliseconds for each movement and store that data in a separate file for each destination. Then is you ALWAYS start in the same location and follow the same line, your car should get to the requested destination.

Does the track need to be a star type? I mean, if it's possible to go through another point, I think it will make programming a lot easier.

IR sensors are not the best to follow a black, or wtite line. Use a light sensitive sensor but not the slow light depending resistors.

Maybe consider an IR beacon - like Roomba uses to find its charging base…

You can have different beacons and search for the one you’re looking for.

Well they use infra red sensors to guide themselves on the line and then using ultrasonic sensor it will see the obstacle in front of himself and try to turn lets say left first and if there is no obstacle in the way it would go forward and then go right to come back on the line.

Well I expect it to be always ready, so yeah probably SD card if I go that way.

Not really but I will try to calculate it somehow.

That is a great idea, if I dont come with simpler one I will probably use it. Thanks.

Yeah I made that picture in like a minute. I will try to find separate ways so they dont interact with each other but I think that it will still need to be crossroad on water dispensary, right? Maybe if I make 3 separate entrances that would work.

Understood, thanks for the tip!

Wow! That may be the best solution, I would still make it avoid obstacles and just go to the beacon. Thanks for that, will look further into it!

Gee, that sure sounds easy!

I was thinking a central circle.

Each branch has a separate sensor separate line.

As you approach an intersection
It would look to see if there was a cup.
If so switch to fill.
Get water and return
So two sets of sensors..

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