Car toy

Got my ATMega644 working with the graphical KS0108 LCD and after some coding i ended up with this. Used my phone camera so it aint the best quality You can ignore first 15 seconds FPS rate is really low on this LCD due to the LCD hardware so the curve will improve when i get my new LCD. Then i can work on the code as well to make the curve smooth.

Used a 3 axis sensor, DE-ACCM3D.

So when mounted in a car you will be able to view G-foces due to cornering, braking and pushing the gas pedal.

But then i would like to make the graphical g-force curve to move in one direction just as in this video, wait 25 seconds and you will see what i am asking for. Any idea how to do that ? Mine looks like the curve of a heart beat monitor that you can see at hospitals or the movies...

Your a Genius Hulk, thats exactly the kind of thing i want to start doing. Im nowhere near where you are at the moment, just about getting "Hello" out of my serial LCD screen ;O) no doubt i will be calling on you for some good advice. Back to the Coding! Ive seen a great deal of Hacks and software for mobile phones i.e Nokia, Iphone etc

please see links:

is it based on the same principles? Surely i can learn from these types of programs and coding to help me achieve what i want with my Arduino and Accelerometers?


Well, i have actually had a great amount of help from people at this forum so i am just good at extracting information and ideas, genius part belongs to others . ;)

I really like the nokia youtube movie and i have seen that one any many others before. Problem is that you need a Library or really good knowledge in coding to control a LCD. At this moment i am far from that type of advanced coding. So using the already created library for KS0108 LCD or a regular serial LCD is convenient. My first thought when i started this small project of mine was to use a phone to display what i need just by connecting it to needed hardware equipment. After a great amount of time used to investigate the possibility of that i came across Arduino. It is easy to code and not expensive to toy around with. Hope this is a answer to your question, i have seen color displays being controlled by arduino but they are to small and expensive for my project. Check this one:

By the way you may like my complete project that this g-sensor will be included in.

Im sure with revision this will turn out to be a great project. Well done.


Give me to the end of this month and i will post updates on the hardware and code. I have now added a menu and am developing the diffrent graphs and views. I think i need to learn how to use strings to achive the thing i was asking for in my former post here. Just have to say that i am really happy that i am using the ATMega644 for this project, would not be able to do this with the flash size of a regular ATMega168.

Finally i got my self to start working on this again. I have now boxed the ATMEGA 644 in to a nice shell and i am using a new lcd, both from seeedstudio. This lcd is running on 8 FPS at the moment, but mem is working on the KS0108 Library so we will se where it ends up. I have added a menu and there are at least two more graphs for the G-sensor but they are still being worked on. OBD reading & fault code reading/clearing are to be added to this project soon i hope.

wow, that looks amazing. I'm very interested in your project. Are you planning on making schematics and code available ?

Yes my intention is to share the schematics in Eagle files and the code for you to play around with. But need to test some more before i dare share, should have something ready in December.

I almost can't recognize the little black monster now....Great work! ;D

Thanks Eric 8-)

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HULK, what kind of enclosure is the one you used and shown in the photo? I could not find anything similar on seeedstudio's site. Thanks.

It may be that that enclosure is out of stock at seeestudio. I am sure that if you send a mail to Eric at seeedstudio he will be able to provide it again or other size that suites you. I think he has a user account here as well, alias seeedstudio.

Notice that the opening for the display is not there originaly, had to dremmel that out.

Thanks, I will contact them (seeedstudio).

wow, nice :)

you know the G-Tech meters?

and another thing i need for my Multidisplay... ;D