Cardiff wales?

anyone interested in doing something in Cardiff? i am just learning the arduino, so would not be the best person to run a workshop, but if anyone wants one set up i can help


There's quite a bit of Arduino activity in Bristol at the moment, if you don't mind a trip across the bridge! We have Tech Adventure this weekend (28th) and another all-day Dorkbot Bristol on 21st March.

Cool thanks, I'll see if i can get a chance. Many others come from this side of the bridge? I don't drive but I can pay some petrol and toll.


I know someone who rides over from Newport on a motorbike! Not a lot of use in your case, though. The meetings are nearly always within walking distance of Temple Meads station, if you'd prefer a railway journey.

If Bath isn't too far, Bathcamp are holding a talk next week (4th) in the evening (8pm), I would post a link but the forum software is telling me I can't (computer says no).

Stop it, you’re making me jealous! I used to live halfway between Bristol and Bath in pre-Arduino days gone by. Now I live in the middle of nowhere (Milton Keynes to be precise).


Milton Keynes? You're right on top of Bletchley Park!

PS. Bathcamp:

and the Arduino event

Milton Keynes? You're right on top of Bletchley Park!

Great if I want to learn how to build a Bombe (not the nasty 'splody kind).