Care Home Project...advice on approach please

Hi everyone, I am working on an idea I have for one of my projects as a student. I am a mature student and completely new to all this tech stuff! ? But trying to get to grips with it through the online tutorials. My project is to help my Mum who is in a care home with Dementia. The issue is that she gets scared and doesn’t know where she is and so tries to ‘escape’. The only thing I have found to help calm her down is music so I want to get the scenario that if a load sensor is triggered ( when she gets out of bed) and a laser trip sensor ( for when she gets to the door) and if these are both triggered I want to play some of her favourite music and then send a text to the staff carer to alert them of her movement.

I am looking to use Arduino to send the information from the sensors. I am a bit stuck on how to play the music. Any feedback or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

While your goal seems notable, have you discussed this with the facility management? They may not be too keen on someone installing home made devices on their premises.

Hi Due_unto...yes I have got their permission, thanks for your concern.

I am just looking for peoples ideas on the best sensors for this and the best way forward if anyone has any input. I am a bit concerned about what device to use to play the music itself.

Try one of these

with some self powered computer speakers. I have a pair of old Dell Gateway2000 speakers that sound very good.

The thinnest load cells are the plate type that you find in cheap electronic bathroom scales. One of these would fit under one corner of a bed. You'll need spacers under the other 3 corners to stop the bed rocking.

There are commercial beam break door sensors typically used in the door ways of retail stores. When activated they generate a tone or play music. You could probably modify one to play your choice of music for whatever duration is suitable. I don't know if an Arduino is the best solution, perhaps look at pocket sized MP3 players. A bit of electronic trickery would allow you to activate the play button without physically touching it.