Carnival Procession Project

We are complete beginners to robotics, Arduino and programming so we are probably jumping straight into the deep end with no water.

We are wanting to build some robotics to be entered into carnival Processions. It will comprise of 3 sections.

Section 1 This will run on 24v with 2 motors and a lighting system.

Section 2 This will run on 12v with a motor, 5 servos, a pump and a smoke machine.

Section 3 This will run on 6v with a motor, 2 servos, a lightings system, sound activated lights and a programmable voice speaker.

All 3 sections will need to be run from 1 control unit, we were thing a PS3 controller via Bluetooth, but the sections cannot be connected with wires so will need to be wireless.

Is this project possible and if so what boards/modules would we need?

Thanks in advance for any helpful suggestions.

I hope the carnival is planned for the year after next. That looks like a lot of work for a complete beginner.

Well, a lot of it seems to be using high-powered equipment. For an Arduino, anything bigger than a few hundred milliwatts is "high power". So you will need motor shields and relay shields to be able to operate the high power equipment. Start gathering your power requirements (amps and volts) and pick out a couple of shields from the SparkFun, Adafruit or Pololu catalogues. Buy more than you need because you're going to explode at least one of them.