cascading PISO 4014 shift registers with SPI?


has anyone ever daisy chained multiple 4014 registers (PISO) using SPI, i.e. not bit banging?

I kinda have an idea how to use Slave Select lines to select each 4014 chip separately and reading it, then selecting the next 4014, reading it and so on, this way only one byte at a time is read, but could you read all of the chained 4014's at once, with SPI? e.g. six 4014's connected together?


This diagram shows two cascaded 4014 shift registers:

They share Load (SlaveSelect) and Clock (SCK) lines. The Q8 of the first shift register goes to MISO (Master In / Slave Out). The Q8 of subsequent shift registers goes to the SI (Serial In) pin of the previous shift register.

hey thanks for the info

actually I already figured it out how to make it work, the only thing is that the cd4014 needs a clock pulse (from software) before the SS line goes low, i.e. you can't control these shift registers purely by SPI.