Case for mobile tinkering.

Greetings good people! :smiley:

I love to bring my arduino along and just tinker and program at work or on a terras somewhere.
The only thing I disliked is that wires kept coming loose from my breadboard when i put it back in my back.
Besides that things would get damaged and there where a lot of loose things. like a battery, wires and parts etc.
So I decided to try and bundle it.

-Aruino Uno
-Ethernet Shield
-Battery (9V)
-Small storage box

I wish Arduino would come with something like this :slight_smile:
I love the brand and would love to have a green box made of plastic or tin.

Nice little case.

Nice idea. I have seen a few others like this also.

Nice idea. I think the only thing I would add is a handle.