cast the line with no bytes

So I have an awsome idea, Its new as far as i can see, no body else is doing it. but i know its possible from what i seen already.

Basicly in a nut shell its a group based on the idea of an apocolypse, not limited to just one type (i.e. zombie, nuclear, disease, ice age, global warming, ect), but many types. even if you make something with an idea in mind, 9 times out of 10 you can use it for something else.

I went and built a web site, made a simple get to know you application on the sign up page, found the perfect forum page that allows me to create billets, groups, and manage the project more fluidly, and GUESS WHAT!! not even one person signed up.
now this is less of a rant and more of a WHATS WRONG!? I have all these projects planned in my head! everything from sensory towers, GPS controlled Recon drones that simply go to a gps location, take pictures and video at set intervals, and fly back, Rovers with claws to safely retrieve supplies remotely, A server to retrieve and orginize data, and much more. Its pretty much a guild of people who want to create a scenario specific tool or device.

im even going to add links to free college courseware, cheaper supplies, and various other resources i have come accross.

now i would like to know what people would actually sign up to do. cause i spent good money getting these pages going and have nothing to show for it, or someone with experiance to give me tips and pointers on how to get this ball rolling.

if you would like to see the web page your self

cast the line with no bytes sounds like one of my fishing expeditions ...

You mean to say that 'build it and they will come' is not true? But the movie says they will come, you just have to believe. :wink:

Lol i just tried to be clever in the post lol. and i built it and no one came, so i guess the answer to your question is "build it and they will come......if they like it"

I see so many words, and so little meaning.

if you would like to see the web page your self

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You may need to find a different pond.

turns out go daddy had issues. lol

Looks like you don't have SSL. You need to link to the http not https.

in my defense the forum is https lol

With An open source community dedicated to the idea of apocolypse preperations.

And a rejection of spelling checkers?

Wow sir